The International Masonry Institute (IMI), a strategic alliance of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) and signatory contractors, offers an unbeatable combination: skilled training, technical assistance and market development services. Team IMI gives BAC local unions and contractors the competitive advantage and helps to ensure that buildings get built right—with union masonry.


The IMI training network includes the BAC/IMI International Training Center and area centers, plus a team of training professionals offering programs for all levels, from pre-apprentice to contractor. Training is offered in all the masonry trades: brick, block, tile, terrazzo, marble, mosaic, stone, plaster, pointing/cleaning/caulking and cement, plus the latest safety and health requirements and techniques.

Technical Assistance

The IMI team of architects, engineers and construction experts offers:

Market Development

IMI demonstrates the advantages of union masonry and BAC craftsmanship to building decisions makers—owners, developers, architects, engineers and contracting officials—through a variety of approaches, including:


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