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Our comprehensive Rainscreen Certificate Program gives craftworkers knowledge of a variety of rainscreen systems, including drained systems, vented systems, ventilated systems, and pressure-moderated systems. It also provides hands-on experience installing different types of rainscreen systems.



  • Manage quality control on rainscreen wall projects.
  • Benefit from craftworkers who are trained to install these systems to exacting tolerances. Plus, work with contractors who are capable of installing all assembly components, from the CMU backup, to the air barrier, cavity insulation, aluminum track, and facing units.
  • Ensure quality craftsmanship by including the program as a pre-qualification in project specification. See sample specification language below.


  • Increase your work opportunities with a recognized credential included in project specifications.
  • Establish your expertise as a rainscreen wall and modern building envelope installer by learning varied and practical techniques from experienced practitioners and industry partners.

Specify Rainscreen Certificate Program for trained craftworkers

If you want to be sure the craftworkers on your project are trained under the Rainscreen Certificate Program, use our sample specification language.

Division 4 – Masonry

1.4 Submittals

    A. Qualifications

  1. All (or select) project team craftworkers of the Masonry Contractor assigned to this project will be required to have the International Masonry Institute – Rainscreen Certificate or equal and to provide evidence of certificate or a letter of the firm’s commitment to enroll key project personnel in the certificate program prior to the start of the project.


The Rainscreen Certificate Program covers the role of craftworkers in the overall execution of a rainscreen wall project, including the theory and history behind the rainscreen movement and an in-depth understanding of materials/methods and advancements in rainscreen technology. The learning modules actively engage masonry craftworkers – many of whom have already been involved in various rainscreen work – through lecture and hands-on training sessions lead by experienced IMI and IMTEF instructors. The course also draws on assistance and participation from design professionals and product manufacturers.

Core Modules

This module discusses the definition of a rainscreen while reviewing a brief history of how and why this newer wall assembly has developed over the past few decades. Participants will learn the typical components of a rainscreen wall assembly.

In this module, participants learn several aspects of recent building and energy codes and how they are steering the design of exterior wall assemblies. Students will see trends involving thicker insulation, more focus on thermal transmittance, larger cladding panels, and restrictions due to NFPA 285 regarding fire safety.

This module introduces participants to the design and differentiation of the various assemblies of rainscreens, while also reviewing the similarities and step-by-step processes that will be critical regardless of system specifics.

This module discusses typical rainscreen QA/QC checklists which should be used by the installer’s foreperson and project manager before and during an install to assure a satisfactory project. The importance of proper wall layout is also reviewed.

In this module, students review shop drawings from 3 different manufacturers to be aware and comfortable with the amount of information and detail shown. Students learn that they should use these approved shop drawings as a guide throughout the installation of the wall, down to panel numbers and order, as noted on the drawings.

Program Availability

The Rainscreen Certificate Program is offered in the following locations:

  • The BAC/IMI John J. Flynn International Training Center outside Washington, DC
  • Regional BAC training centers
  • Job sites for site-specific training on an as-needed basis

Design professionals and project owners can contact IMI for more information about the program or to access a list of qualified contractors in your area. BAC signatory contractors can also contact IMI for additional background or to inquire about employee training. 

BAC craftworkers should contact their local training center or coordinator to inquire about program availability. BAC Local Officers and Training Coordinators can contact IMTEF to enroll members or to get additional information about program availability at the International Training Center. To find out about upcoming classes at the BAC/IMI International Training Center, see the International Masonry Training and Education Foundation’s training calendar.


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