Masonry Camp

a design-build experience
for young architects
and craftworkers


Masonry Camp is a nationally recognized design-build experience for architects and craftworkers. 

Camp showcases the magic that happens when designers and builders work collaboratively to solve challenges facing our built environment.

The next Masonry Camp takes place in 2025. Stay tuned for updates.

Program highlights

If you run into a Masonry Camp alumni, you’re bound to hear them reminisce about how fun and formative the experience was. It’s not often you get to spend a week learning from peers and professionals across disciplines with a deep passion for masonry design and construction. 

IMI provides a full program scholarship to all Camp attendees, covering the cost of travel, lodging, food, and educational resources.

Masonry Camp attendees have the opportunity to:

  • Compete in a team design-build challenge.
  • Get hands-on instruction related to materials, details, design trends, and more from IMI technical staff and IMTEF training instructors.
  • Hear presentations from renowned architects.
  • Take behind-the-scenes tours of historic masonry structures in Washington, D.C.

Who Can Participate

Masonry Camp is open to the following candidates:

  • Non-registered designers with 3-5 years of professional experience
  • Architects newly registered in the last 5 years
  • Members of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers with 3-5 years of experience in at least one craft area

All participants must be 21 years or older.

The application process for the program is selective, with slots limited to a total of 21 architects and 21 craftworkers.

“It’s incredible working side-by-side with craftworkers. It’s really inspiring watching them. And then we get the opportunity to show them what we do and trade roles, step out of our comfort zone. It’s all part of the greater whole.”

How to Apply

Applications for Masonry Camp are currently closed.


Craftworkers are selected to attend based on recommendations made by BAC Local Union leadership.


Applicants must submit a: 

  • Resume
  • Letter of interest that addresses what you hope to gain from your experience, why you are qualified to attend, and what qualities you possess that would add to a team effort
  • Letter of recommendation from an employer or professor

Camp highlights

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Questions about the program should be directed to Roy Ingraffia, National Director for Industry Development, at