Healthcare Facilities

Improve patient care and comfort while promoting community health.

Patient comfort and well-being is at the heart of healthcare. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are increasingly focused on improving the patient experience and promoting community health. These facilities also must function optimally for nurses and doctors to support them in providing the highest levels of care. 

There are many reasons masonry, tile, and terrazzo are ideal for healthcare settings — from being easy to clean and sanitize, to minimizing sound transmission, and creating warm, pleasant spaces. Plus, these materials are well-suited for climate-resilient design and can help meet the increasing need for greater sustainability in healthcare. 

We’re here to support you in designing and building facilities that meet care needs now and into the future, with versatile, adaptable, and comfortable spaces for healing and good health. 

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we have a long legacy building healthcare facilities

Contractors and craftworkers with the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers have the skill and expertise to take on complex healthcare projects, which is why they’re so often entrusted to work on these important facilities. From knowledge of infection control risk assessment procedures, to experience keeping projects on schedule and budget, these builders take great care in bringing healthcare facilities to life.  

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Let us support your healthcare project

Whether you’re working on a hospital, ambulatory center, clinic, medical office, or other healthcare facility, we can help you design and built a safe, comfortable building to meet patient needs and attract top talent.

Installer Certifications and Training

Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the installers on your project? BAC craftworkers train throughout their careers to become building enclosure experts and masters of their craft. 

When you want to have confidence that you’re working with qualified, experienced crews on your project, you can specify any number of our training programs

Here are some of the training, certificate, and certification programs you may want to specify for your next healthcare project. 

Infection Control Risk Assessment

ICRA procedures and tools like containment, negative air, and HEPA filtration are critical to work taking place in healthcare facilities. BAC craftworkers and contractors learn how to properly perform this work in an 8-hour awareness training offered through the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR).

Grouting & Reinforcing Masonry Training

Grouted and reinforced masonry provides added strength to your building. BAC craftworkers learn the latest advances in grouting procedures and code requirements in this course.

Advanced Certifications in Tile

ACT vets installer expertise in complex skill areas: gauged porcelain tile, grouts, large format tile and substrate preparation, membranes, mortar/mud floors and walls, and shower receptors. ACT installers know how to comply with rapidly changing tile codes and standards.

Rainscreen Certificate

Masonry rainscreens offer moisture management, energy efficiency, and limitless aesthetic options. This certificate gives BAC craftworkers practical experience installing a range of rainscreen cladding and subframing systems.


Work with our multi-disciplinary team to help you deliver high-performing projects.