Adhered Masonry Veneer Certificate Program

The Adhered Masonry Veneer Certificate Program (AMV) gives craftworkers knowledge and experience in adhered masonry veneer installation through hands-on application and study in systems and components.


For Building Owners and Design Professionals
  • Access to trained craftworkers for your adhered masonry veneer project.
  • High quality installation of adhered masonry veneer when hiring craftworkers with AMV certificate.
  • Ensure quality craftsmanship by including AMV certificate as a pre-qualification in project specification language. See sample specification language below.
For BAC Craftworkers and contractors
  • Increase your work opportunities with a recognized credential included in project specifications.
  • Establish your expertise as an installer of AMV by learning principles and techniques from renowned practitioners.

Specify Adhered Masonry Veneer Program for
trained craftworkers

If you want to be sure the craftworkers on your project are trained under AMV, use our sample specification language.

Division 4 – Masonry

1.4 Submittals

    A. Qualifications

  1. All (or select) project team craftworkers of the Masonry Contractor assigned to this project will be required to have the International Masonry Institute – Adhered Veneer Certificate or equal and to provide evidence of certificate or a letter of the firm’s commitment to enroll key project personnel in the certificate program prior to the start of the project.

CURRICULUM​ and Core Modules

The Adhered Masonry Veneer Certificate Program covers the principles and installation of adhered masonry veneer systems. The learning modules actively engage masonry craftworkers through lecture and hands-on training sessions lead by experienced IMI and IMTEF instructors.

Craftworkers get an overview of the adhered masonry veneer systems, components, and general design principles.

The codes and standards portion covers:

  • Applicable building codes such as International Building Code and TMS 402/602.
  • Material standards such as ASTMs and ANSI
  • Installation guides such as NCMA MSV, National Stone Veneer International., etc.
  • Prescriptive and performance compliance methods

Craftworkers learn about the various types of masonry units, mortar, and grout materials. They’ll also gain information on the accessories and components used in various systems.

This module covers: 
  • Detailing of various back up walls
  • Waterproofing the walls
  • Providing insulation and ventilation for optimal performance
  • Movement joint design and detailing

In the hands-on portion of the program, craftworkers learn to install the following: 

  • Moisture barrier
  • Insulation
  • Drainage and ventilation medium
  • Substrate
  • Bonding mortar
  • Veneer unit

Program Availability

The Adhered Masonry Veneer Certificate Program is offered at The BAC/IMI John J. Flynn International Training Center outside Washington, DC and regional BAC training centers.

Design professionals and project owners can contact IMI for more information about the program or to access a list of qualified contractors in your area. BAC signatory contractors can also contact IMI for additional background or to inquire about employee training. 

BAC craftworkers should contact their local training center or coordinator to inquire about program availability. BAC Local Officers and Training Coordinators can contact IMTEF to enroll members or to get additional information about program availability at the International Training Center. To find out about upcoming classes at the BAC/IMI International Training Center, see the International Masonry Training and Education Foundation’s training calendar.


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