Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or contractor, we want to make it easier for you to design and build with masonry. 

Check out these software tools and resources that will help you make the most of both visualization and information coordination on projects. 





IMI’s free Masonry Content Pack for HIVE offers a variety of contract-document-ready assets for REVIT modeling, including:

  • Brick units, walls, and bonding patterns
  • Concrete masonry units and walls
  • Rainscreen wall systems (terra cotta, porcelain tile, and slate)
  • Bond beams
  • Vertical grouted cells
  • Masonry anchors and accessories

If you’re already using HIVE, your BIM manager can add IMI’s Masonry Content Pack from the Public Libraries. Our content pack is accessible to both free and paid HIVE users.

Masonry IQ

3DiQ’s Masonry IQ is a smart masonry tool inside Revit that improves modeling productivity with features that allow you to:

  • Study modularity
  • Generate coursed wall sections
  • See cuts at openings
  • Place bond beams
  • Generate sweeps
  • View properly bonded corners
  • Explore masonry patterns

Masonry Assembly Thermal Simulation Software

This software from NCMA helps you determine thermal properties of masonry assemblies with greater ease and accuracy. 

  • Determine steady-state thermal properties, like R-value and U-factor.
  • Perform dynamic analysis using simulated climate conditions to evaluate the impacts of thermal mass on performance.
  •  Compatible with systems that have unique unit configurations.



With NCMA’s EleMasonry, quickly and easily generate code-compliant designs that allow you to review and check all design calculations. 

  • Design walls, columns, beams, and pilasters. 
  • Access a solver that accommodates accurate and flexible handling for various wall configurations, including:
    • Bars both centered and at faces
    • Bars spaced further than the flexural compression limit (6t)
    • Concentrated bars at wall ends
  • Supports Strength Design and Allowable Stress Design methodologies.

Direct Design Software for Masonry Structures

NCMA’s Direct Design Software allows you to design an entire masonry structure in minutes with a few simple inputs. 
  • Unlock the power of the Direct Design approach with full automation, including the detailing of every block and reinforcing bar.
  • Import building models from Revit and export structural schedules back.
  • Easily communicate designs to your drafter or contractor with fully-detailed wall elevation drawings.
  • See every calculation and decision made by the program and verify as necessary.


IMI’s Masonry Partition Wall Design Calculator provides a quick way to efficiently design a masonry partition wall following TMS 402 requirements. 

  • Time-saving: Using the partition calculator can significantly reduce the time required to calculate and design masonry partitions.
  • Cost-effective: By optimizing the design and calculating the required materials accurately, masonry partition software can help with cost estimating, minimizing wastage, and ensuring efficient use of resources.
  • Design flexibility: Explore a range of options for masonry partition designs and configurations.
  • Documentation: Get a quick PDF report of a pass or fail on your partition parameters.


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