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concrete masonry unit assemblies


Concrete Masonry is one of the most versatile products and assemblies in the construction industry. It can provide the structural frame of a building, a strong backing for many types of veneer systems, or even be the veneer system itself. 

Used in a single wythe application, concrete masonry can serve as both the structure and finished face of the wall. 

Plus, concrete masonry is durable, provides resiliency for increased fire safety, offers thermal mass for efficient heating and cooling, and much more.


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Installer Certifications and Training

Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the installers on your project? BAC craftworkers train throughout their careers to become building enclosure experts and masters of their craft. 

When you want to be confident that you’re working with qualified, experienced crews on your project, you can specify for well-trained craftworkers. 

Here are some of the training, certificate, and certification programs you may want to specify for concrete masonry construction. 

Grouting & Reinforcing Masonry Training

Grouted and reinforced masonry provides added strength to your building. BAC craftworkers learn the latest advances in grouting procedures and code requirements in this course.

Flashing Upgrade Training

Proper flashing is one of your building’s best defenses against moisture. BAC craftworkers stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and building code requirements with IMI’s Flashing Upgrade Training Program.

Air Barrier Installer Certification

Air barriers help prevent air and moisture from entering the building envelope. This course teaches BAC craftworkers how air barrier assemblies function, including how to evaluate materials, substrate conditions, and the continuity of components. 


Codes & Standards

Here are some of the most common codes and standards that you may find helpful to reference when designing with concrete masonry. For a complete list, and for guidance on how to use these codes and standards, contact IMI.  


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