02.010.0301: Foundation Dowel Alignment

02.010.0301: Foundation Dowel Alignment This detail shows a concrete masonry (CMU) wall in partial longitudinal section. In case the foundation dowels do not coincide with the center of the CMU cells, dowels may be bent 1” laterally for every 6” vertically. Vertical reinforcement overlaps the dowels to achieve sufficient development strength per structural design. DOWNLOAD [...]

02.020.0201: Vertical Cantilever Wall

02.020.0201: Vertical Cantilever Wall This partition detail shows a vertical cantilever condition. The wall is anchored at the base with a vertical dowel into the slab. There is a gap at the top of the wall to allow for deflection of the structure above. Horizontal joint reinforcement and vertical reinforcement are shown. Top and bottom [...]