Ford Converts Detroit’s Historic Train Depot into a Transportation Hub

Michigan Central Station is making a comeback as a new state-of-the-art hub for Ford Motor. The historic depot is being retrofitted as the site of the latest technological advances in transportation. The grand Beaux Arts style station was a symbol of progress when it opened in 1913. The main waiting room welcomed visitors with marble […]

Landmark Tribune Tower Transformed Into Residences and Retail Space

Tribune Tower Remodel

Restoring a beloved 97-year-old Chicago landmark is no small feat, especially one famously designed to be the “most beautiful office building in the world.” The exterior of the Chicago Tribune’s former headquarters is known for its flying buttresses and for housing stone fragments of international landmarks ranging from the Berlin Wall to the Colosseum. To ensure the […]

Old Cook County Hospital Given New Life as Medical Center Hotel

The Old Cook County Hospital is a remarkable piece of history transformed into a new mixed-use development that accommodates 2 Hyatt hotels, a food hall, museum, and office spaces. The building — on the National Register of Historic Places — was uninhabitable before the revitalization plan, which restored the terra cotta, granite, and brick facade […]