Unity Temple

In my role as director of technical service with International Masonry Institute (IMI), I am often asked by Chicago architects “Do today’s plasterers have the same skills as those from 100 years ago?” My answer is always a reassuring and resounding “Yes.”

East Providence Fire Station #3, Providence, RI

Architects are always challenged with providing strong and durable, yet economical buildings. This is especially true when the building being designed represents fire safety for the community. Designing the new East Providence Fire Station was no different. Architects from The Providence Partnership selected brick, stone and cement stucco masonry as the materials of choice for the exterior veneer because of their strength, durability, and reputation as the safest building materials in the industry.

St. Agnes Church Terrazzo Floor, New York, NY

After surviving a devastating fire in 1994, St Agnes Church didn’t need any more setbacks. When it came time to rebuild, caretakers of the late 19th century church thought they were making the right decision by choosing terrazzo, for its longevity.

More Than A Pretty Face – Designing Masonry Rainscreens

At the heart of building performance a building envelope has several critical jobs to preform, including keeping the rain out while controlling air leakage, vapor diffusion, and heat transfer. It should also look good while doing it.

Lucas County Arena, Toledo, OH

GOOD LOOKS and preferred materials sometimes have to take a back seat when schedules and budgets are
tight, but Toledo’s Lucas County Arena proves that it is possible to have it all.

Maplewood Police & Court Building, Maplewood, NJ

WHEN IS A BUILDING more than just a building? For residents of Maplewood, New Jersey, their new Maplewood Police & Court Building is both a literal and symbolic anchor for their community and its promising future, and one in which masonry played a starring role.

IMI Builds the Case for Rain Screen Wall Work

To capture work in the growing market of high-performing, sustainable buildings, IMI is positioning BAC members and contractors as experts in the complete building envelope. The envelope lies at the heart of building performance, with responsibility for the critical functions of controlling moisture, air flow, vapor and heat transfer.

Johnson Controls Global Headquarters Expansion Project

MASONRY SOLUTION: Controlling the Envelope

Mason contractor creativity delivers a unique exterior wall package.

When a company is named “Green Business of the Year,” a major overhaul of its headquarters is bound to be equally exceptional.