This detail shows an 8” (nominal) split face concrete masonry (CMU) wall, base of wall condition. There is an interior finish of steel studs and gypsum board, allowing the flashing to return at leaset 8″ vertically and then be anchored to the interior face of the CMU via a termination bar, concealing the flashing assembly behind the interior finish . The flashing is shown as a flexible material for the through-wall portion, transitioning to a sheet metal drip edge extending about ½” out from the face of the masonry. The flashing is cut and patched around the vertical reinforcement at the vertical cells that are to receive grout. Sealant (not shown) should be applied at all the flashing penetrations. Vertical reinforcement overlaps the foundation dowels to achieve sufficient development strength per structural design. Ladder-type horizontal joint reinforcement is placed at 16” o.c. vertically in the wall, or as required.

3D Detail

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