This detail illustrates a parapet condition including the roof termination into the masonry wall and the top of wall termination. The open web steel joists of the roof structure bear on the CMU wall via a steel bearing plate on a CMU bond beam. The roof system terminates with the roof counterflashing engaging with the masonry flashing, providing moisture protection for the wall and roof assemblies while allowing each assembly to be independent of the other. Insulation and air/moisture/vapor barrier are continuous across the masonry and roof systems providing defense against thermal and moisture transfer. A system of flashing and weeps at both sides of the wall underneath the coping prevents moisture from entering the wall through the coping joints. The masonry coping is supported by shims, and sealant & backer rod are used at the joints between coping stones to resist moisture. Coping stones are anchored to one another and to the wall, and all flashing penetrations are patched.

Outside View

Inside View

3D Detail

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