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“Structural Masonry Done Right”
in the April issue of Interface magazine.

Structural masonry is a proven system that saves time and money, without sacrificing good looks. It can be the primary structural system, or integrated with a steel or reinforced concrete frame. IMI can show you how.

“With IMI’s help, we replaced a poured-in-place concrete foundation wall with CMU as a deduct alternate.”

Fred Kinateder
Kinateder Masonry

Structural Tools


Design Aids

The importance of good structural software can't be underestimated as a tool for today's structural engineer. During the last few years, the software options available to structural engineers for masonry design have grown and the use of masonry structurally has become more prevalent and sophisticated. To support the engineering community in the use of structural masonry the International Masonry Institute has funded this manual.

Masonry under construction must be temporarily braced until the final lateral support system is in place. The importance of this bracing is paramount to the safety of both the general public and those involved with the project under construction. The Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls Under Construction provides engineering principles and properties for rationally design bracing systems for masonry walls under construction. Internal bracing, or using the developing strength of the masonry assembly, can provide significant benefits to a project team. To support the engineering community in the use of structural masonry, including effective and efficient temporary bracing, the International Masonry Institute has funded this guide.

The new software tool accessed here provides designers with the opportunity to engineer masonry interior partitions with simple input but with results that come from a rigorous engineering analysis. The program offers many options that can be changed and compared quickly, and easily permitting the designer to optimize the wall system in minutes. Links are provided on the input sheet for more detailed background information on the program and design examples.


Structural Masonry Seminars


Case Studies


The Details


Design Tips

Structural masonry is a cost effective engineering solution that offers many options and significant design flexibility.  The TIPS below are crafted to help the designer make choices that optimize the structure.
Note: These tips should not be used in lieu of professional knowledge and expertise.



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